Linziclip and I Am Girly Blog International Giveaway !



I am bitten by the Linziclip Bug lately !! I am totally in love with the new clips and believe me its a whole new experience. Linziclip sent me a few clips for reviewing and you can check out my feature here. The generous team at Linshell Group has agreed to sponsor a giveaway for our readers. I present you a Christmas special giveaway in association with Linziclip. Linziclip is suitable for people with all sorts of hair - thin, thick, short or long.

This Giveaway is open worldwide and will run for 10 days starting from today.

Colorbar Launches ‘Sheer Glass Lip Gloss’ !

Colorbar Launches ‘Sheer Glass Lip Gloss’- the evolution of glossy finish
Light Magnifying Technology For A Gorgeous Glass Like Finish

Shine on like a true diva with the new Colorbar Sheer Glass Lip Gloss! Indulge yourself this season with a lip color collection offering a silky texture and a luxurious finish. The new light magnifying technology allows for a gorgeous glass like finish on lips with a delicious colour payoff as well. Allow one stroke of application of these bold lip-colors to give your lips a three dimensional look with with an infusion of coloured light and a pure burst of vibrant colour. 

The Colorbar Sheer Glass Lip Gloss lives up to it’s name, by giving your lips a smooth and dazzling finish. It is available in 8 alluring colors ranging from nudes to bright bursts of colour. The gloss has an enwrapping and cushiony formula that not only locks the lip colour but also keep them moisturised and nourished. Choose from 8 tempting shades from this brand new range which promises to meet your every desire- Red Glass, Nude Light, Pink Glass, Pink Echo, Cherry Sheen, Rose Reflect, Coral Embrace and Brown Sheen. It is the perfect accessory for instant glam no matter what the occasion. It comes in a pretty transparent container with a flexible tip for perfect pick and application.

Maybelline Electro Pop Baby Lips in Pink Shock & Fierce and Tangy Review!

PR Sample

Hey All,

M for Monday but for a change today M is for Maybelline. I have two of their reviews coming up. They recently sent me a few of their newest products to try and review. I have been using all of them non-stop like crazy these days.

Anyway, products aside, I was sick in bed last week. I had to take an off from work today since I have Muscular Pain in the Knees. I also had a few other health issues like sudden weight gain and I went for a medical check-up today. I had blood test and I am prescribed some Iron tablets. I decided to write short and to the point reviews hereafter than stories. Let’s go to the review now.

Maybelline has introduced a new line of Baby Lips Electro Pop Lip Balms in several new neon shades. 

A very merry & Green Christmas from Innisfree!


This Christmas, Innisfree, South Korea’s leading beauty & wellness brand urges you to enjoy a green & eco-friendly Christmas. Known world over as an eco-conscious brand with leading industry initiatives such as recycled packaging & eco-friendly skin labels amongst others, Innisfree brings the best of environmentally friendly beauty solutions to its consumers.

Keeping in tandem with the festive spirit paint the town red with our colourful hues of nail enamel @ just Rs.300.

Revive yourself with Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum. A moisturizing and nourishing serum with organic green tea seeds from Jeju Island to keep the skin clear and moisturized from deep inside. The highly-concentrated green tea seed full of the vitality of tea tree nourished with clean and pure water keeps the skin moisturized. 

Vedantika Herbals Instant Glow Mask Review!

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I reviewed Rose-Sandal Face Wash from Vedantika Herbals and I am reviewing one more product today, which is their Instant Glow Mask. The foremost thing that came to my mind is that this pack could serve as a quick fix pack before parties or events. It can be used to get an at home facial glow too.

Mont Blue Crystal Glass Nail Files and Tweezers from Czech Review!

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*Feeling Lazy* Such a perfect weather for sleeping in today! The cool breeze... zzzz. Why am I up on a lazy Sunday?  First thing is that usually I sleep till 10 in the morning on holidays to get rid of the tiredness. Today, I have started walking and exercise sessions early morning. I have turned into a fitness freak from couch potato. I have gained more weight and I need to lose a few extra pounds quickly. I am on a strict diet too. I just discovered that walking and jogging is fun too.

I recently stumbled upon Mont Bleu, a company that has a wide variety of personal care accessories and glassware. The most popular item is their Czech glass nail files. I never heard of Mont Bleu before, so I had to check what their products are. They offer Luxury crystal glass nail files, jewellery, bijoux, beauty accessories, gifts and souvenirs. I had a chit chat with the executive and when I let them know that I am a blogger from India, they offered me to send some products for review.

I was offered to pick my own products from their range, but to be completely honest, I was confused. I might ask their entire store since everything is cute. I let them pick the products for me. Let me say how excited I am to have had the opportunity! The people I dealt with were super nice, and the quality of the items couldn't be better! The people didn’t need a reminder and the products reached on the second day from Czech. That was least expected, surprising and super quick.  I have some goodies from Mont Bleu to share with you today!

Design your own Custom Handbags at Toteteca Bag Works !

I love handbags of all styles – Totes, Sling Bags, Carry All, Satchels, Shoulder Bags etc.  I received four bags recently for review purpose recently and the one I am gonna feature below is special because the design is customised by me to suit my personal preferences and taste. Do you love to customise your handbags to give it a personal touch and your own identity? Check out ToteTeca Bag works, ToteTeca Bag Works is a custom made handbag service that was launched in January of 2013. 

Have you seen a new bag with your friend and envied it in a different color? Do you want to have your and your love’s initials as a Monogram? Do you want to carry a lot of stuff in your bag? Do you like to have an extra zipper in your bag? You can! ToteTeca offers you the freedom of design. In simpler terms, you design it, ToteTeca makes it.

Take a big leap and conquer the fear with Mountain Dew !

Fear is the oldest and strongest of human emotions. Perhaps the most famous fear quote of all time that I came across is "The only thing we have to fear is fear it'self - nameless, unreasoning, unjustified, terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance."

The list of "Phobia's" is never ending. To name a few are Fear of water, Fear of height, Fear of snakes and so on. In any area of life, there are times when we feel struck.  There is some sort of unknown fear within our minds that leads of resistance which in turn obstructs the progress and developments in our life.

There are huge fears we carry within and are very aware of and there are little fears in our sub conscious mind we may not even realize we have.Everyone experiences fear in their life. There is nothing wrong in that. It is the process of overcoming that fear which is very vital for an individual to succeed.The problem is that most of us cling to the fears and aren’t ready to face it.